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Doctor Who Magazine
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Doctor Who Magazine is een Engels tijdschrift dat 12 keer per jaar verschijnt. De prijs voor een jaarabonnement is inclusief levering naar Nederland en België.

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Launched in 1979, Dr Who magazine holds the Guinness Book of World Records title of the longest running based on a TV show publication. Sanctioned by the BBC, Dr Who has a strong focus on the programme’s actors and production staff. Featuring articles on past actors and exclusive interviews with the current stars of the show, Dr Who provides all the insider news every fan could ask for.

Dr Who boasts a fantastic comic strip which famous artists and authors have contributed to including John Wagner and Pat Mills. Sidebar comics entitled ‘Doctor Who?’s’ and ‘Doctor Whoah!’, each based on the original story, provide additional entertainment.

The magazine also examines the current making of the programme and provides commentary on the Doctor's latest travels. In addition, the “Ask DWM!” feature allows readers to pose questions about specific Doctor Who episodes.

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