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TKC Magazine
TKC Magazine
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TKC tries to engage a readership that considers itself highly enthusiastic in the matters of the automobile. This magazine covers all the major and mainstream cars that the automobile industry offers to the public and then discusses all of their pros and cons. The positive and negative define their verdict for a car and then the public is given the information within the pages of this magazine. The magazine is theme based where the car on the cover decides what goes in inside and makes a compact read. Apart from details about the cars the magazine offers insights into the workings of the machine and motor. It also tries to give tips on battery lives and fuel efficiency. Having a subtitle of ā€˜high octane, low volume motoringā€™, it defines the pace of the magazine. The section regarding cars on sale, lists cars from all over the country that are in excellent shape and need a buyer. The magazine also ardently looks out for emergency contact numbers that can be reached in case of an accident and mechanics that can be called in case of emergencies.

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