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We Are Makers Magazine
We Are Makers Magazine
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We Are Makers’ is a new bi-annual publication that showcases a wide array of wonderful, dedicated, and talented makers from across the globe, from the UK, France, Spain, America, Indonesia, Norway, and many more. We want to share their stories, passions and connect them with you and each other. This publication is over 200 pages with no adverts and is printed in the UK. The idea for We Are Makers came about after trying to market our own small business. We know how difficult it is to advertise and not only in our own country but across the world. Social media is fantastic, and nowadays, it’s how most businesses market their brands, including us; however, you are easily lost and hard to find. Over a year, we worked on the project employing a designer, a proofreader/editor, and spending an uncountable number of hours scrolling through social media to find interesting makers who would want to be involved in the first publication. In September 2020, we successfully printed the first We Are Makers publication with over 80 makers featured.

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