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Machine Knitting Monthly Magazine
Machine Knitting Monthly Magazine
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Machine Knitting Monthly Magazine is een Engels tijdschrift dat 12 keer per jaar verschijnt. De prijs voor een jaarabonnement is inclusief levering naar Nederland en Belgiƫ.
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Machine Knitting Monthly Magazine Abonnement

Knitting is an activity that is quite difficult to simply pick up and start doing. Even though you might have an idea of what youā€™d want to knit, and you might already have the equipment as well, but actually starting to knit your ideas together takes a whole lot of skill and technique that only comes from experience and research. With Machine Knitting Monthly Magazine you will get all the research, tips and tricks, knitting techniques, and other inspirational advice to get you knitting today. This monthly knitting specialty magazine also brings you great ideas of what to create as well, including various designs and seasonal patterns. It's is packed with great advice regarding the improvement of your knitting skill and technique, but it also filled with fun stories from knitters themselves, articles regarding certain knitting styles pulled from history, letters from readers, and all the general information that you would need about different types of cloths and knitting machines.

Machine Knitting Monthly Magazine kopen in Nederland en Belgiƫ.

Bestel eenvoudig en snel een abonnement op Machine Knitting Monthly Magazine in Nederland en Belgiƫ op Wij zijn gespecialiseerd in de verkoop en levering van Engelse en Amerikaanse tijdschriften. Wij verzenden Machine Knitting Monthly Magazine gratis naar uw Nederlandse of Belgische adres en verlengen uw abonnement nooit automatisch. Ruim voor het aflopen van uw abonnementsperiode vragen we u of u deze met een jaar wilt verlengen.

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